All startup buddies out there!

April 08, 2017 PR Research 0 Comments

All startup buddies out there! All the entrepreneurs out there who dream of going big !! Just take a look at this image down here. At first, it may look like a simple image, with a few bulbs and only one of them lightened up. However, it actually points out a grim reality ! There is actually a reason as to why that one "lucky bulb' is lit up while the rest are not. It is simply getting the power needed while the rest are not. This situation is exactly replicated in the world of startups out there.

If you are starting out to be an entrepreneur, keep in mind that, as in this image, the rest of the bulbs have failed, so do the startups. Its a well known fact that 90% or 9 out of 10 start ups fail !!

Its not just the startup killers out there or lack of ideas, that is the reason. It is mostly because startups don't have the necessary capital and run out of cash, making their business nonviable. You might think that the angel investors do come to the rescue of the startups. But that is not so probable due to lack of an effective network connecting the entrepreneurs and the investors.

This is exactly where we get in. We do the noble job of taking the thirsty to the pond or even bring the pond to the thirsty !! We form the crucial link for connecting the startups with the source of the capital, that would power up their businesses and make them sustainable.

So dear entrepreneurs, if you think you have great ideas and wouldn't want to end up like the rest of the bulbs in the image, but wish to be that lucky one, Eastern startups is exactly what you should be looking out for. Lets dream big, chase those dreams and live them !

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